Cycling holidays in France with Breton Bikes .

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A cycling holiday in France. In one sentence you have an adventure - the freedom of cycling at the same time as you are going through one of the best countries on Earth to have a holiday. Imagine cycling on quiet country lanes, along narrow, deserted canal paths, along the finest coastline of France, through tiny, close knit villages complete with bakers and cozy bars, restaurants that for 10 Euro will fill you to bursting, and bustling market towns. Now you have an idea of what awaits you on holiday in France.

But there’s more - because our Cycling company, Breton Bikes, is based in Brittany, on the far west coast of France. This is the Celtic homeland of France, and having personally taken cycling holidays all over France we can say that this is the best bit. Why? Because here the French countryside is small scale, perfect for a cycling holiday, and yet within easy reach of us you will find beautiful unspoiled countryside, two different and quite stunning coasts and a heartland of forests and lakes, canals and chateaux - no other area of France offers this variety. With a network of lovely campsites and small friendly hotels it's made for a dream holiday. To top all this off you have an area populated by the most friendly, helpful and open people you could care to meet.

And Breton Bikes? We’ve been offering cycling holidays here for 19 years - with us we provide all you need and you can cycle tour in a group or alone, go lightweight camping or stay in hotels - the choice is yours. With over 30 different tours we have something for everyone, singles and group camping, families and couples, beginners and experienced bicycle tourists as well. With prices from £165 a week can you afford not to look?

cycling to the chateaux at Josselin

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